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We Are Your Favorite Computer, Security Systems and Telecom Company

Mightyone Uganda limited started in 2014 emerging from an IT business enterprise providing services in most parts of Uganda. We set out to develop and implement IT enterprise solutions for small, medium and large scale enterprises. We have come a long way continually establishing reputation and crafting strong lasting business relationships on the principle of trust through investing in people and ethical business practices
To become the leading IT and Integrated solutions provider in Uganda and the world at large.
Provide high quality, easily accessible and timely solutions for the technology
We work with our customers in a partnership style of approach to provide the IT assistance required. Together we will work to drive down costs on IT infrastructure and integrate all your IT systems to ensure near to zero operational down time

Uganda Society for Disabled Children:      Installation and training for Non-Profit Accounting System and LAN Upgrade.

Makerere University School of Public Health:      Installation and training of Finance Management System, installation and training on CBA Micro (Sacco Accounting System), finance database management
Ministry of Health: Supply and Maintenance of Computers, Telecom Systems and Security Systems.
St Catherine Hospital:      Accounting Software and Health Management Information System.
Saracen Uganda Ltd: Installation of Corporate LAN, Supply and Installation of Servers and Computers, VOIP Communications and Windows Licensing
Plus Medic Pharmacy:       Installation of Accounting System for managing stock, tracking expiry dates and sales.
Plus Medic Pharmacy:        Installation of finacial system for tracking expiry dates, stock aggregation and sales
Kisigula Supermaket:        Point Of Sale System for tracking sales, managing departmental stock, discounts, sales, and branches.
Gulu University:                  Upgrade of LAN to Optical Fibre Based and Supply of Servers for School of Medicine
Asante: Office and LAN set up
Mightyone Uganda Limited is your Number one company in providing reliable,efficient,timely and Cost Effective Technological services in Uganda.We provide you with fully-fledged Sales and Service of Technological Systems, these include: Servers, laptops, peripherals and accessories, we also offer all sorts of computing spares. 
Being a reputable company with accumulated experience from  over the years, we provide value for your money and warranty different products.
We have got you covered for all technological and technical services.
Mightyone Uganda Limited is a preeminent pioneer in softening life for computer users. We sale Brand New Computers.
We design, develop, service, and hosting websites, develop school, finance, management systems among others.
The partnership has benefited our team in several aspects; both inter-organization wise and technically
CCTV and Security Systems
Surveillance and Access Control Solutions
Engage with us to get secured!
Deterrence is a very important aspect in security, and having your premises secured with video surveillance cameras is a great step in enforcing the measure of keeping intruders away.

Mightyone‘s video surveillance solutions has footprints in hospitality,corporate offices, Schools and homes. Our surveillance solutions are custom-made to fit individual or organizational needs, We make it  our concern to select and suggest best equipment and installation means on all our projects.

Our tailor-made solutions integrate video surveillance cameras with access control systems for unified security surveillance and personnel tracking within a given setting.

Live video and control is also accessible from remote locations on internet enabled computers.

We have partnered with various surveillance companies to provide world-class and cost effective surveillance systems, keeping abreast of technological advancements through continued investment in research and development.

Our CCTV solutions have semi-autonomous intelligence like:
Camera tempering detection
People Counting
Heat trail maps
General analytics
Auto tracking and preset patrols
Smart IR functions
Low bit rate with excellent clarity auto calibration

From schools, governments, hospitals and corporate offices, video surveillance technologies help reduce intruder likelihood rates and provide peace of mind since there’s timely monitoring.

Access Control:
Monitoring alone is not enough to deter criminal elements or prevent  people from behaving in a certain way that is not accepted. To strengthen deterrence and lock out unwanted access to restricted locations, there is need to incorporate access control installations within your premises. With today’s security challenges, space owners are finding the need to not only secure their properties, but also control and manage large number of persons entering and exiting the premises in a structured manner.

Traditionally, manned security has been used to manage entry and exit for persons and motor vehicles, but the nature of evolving threats has brought about the need for controlling access with as little or no human intervention at all. This has necessitated the requirement to procure and install intelligent and converged access control systems that are able to track movements of persons from their entry to a building to the time they finally exit.
Mightyone UG Limited offers you world class access control solutions that include:

Digital Door Locks
Bio-metric Systems
Boom Barriers
Walk-through Metal Detectors
X-ray Baggage Scanners
Road blockers

Fire Detection and Evacuation
Audio Visual System

   Internship Training

We offer a complete consultancy and training services to organizations across Uganda and nearby Countries. Our training products are custom made and tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. Our training sessions serve to offer advice and support to help you get the most out of your ICT facilities. We provide training starting from small groups to a reasonable number of people as well as students from various institutions with different levels of education.

Courses we offer include:
Website design
CCTV training
Computer repair and maintenance
Application developments
General IT operations

Repair And Maintenance

Human resource management System
Finance and Accounting Systems
Customer Relations Management Systems
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Retail / Point of Sale Systems
Banking / Micro Finance Systems
Server Based Networks
Network Attached Storage Devices
Network Security (Anti-virus and Firewall Management)
Network Installations
Network Devices (Switches, Routers, Modems)
Surveillance Equipment (Cameras, Alarms, DVR, Remote Monitoring Systems)
Global Positioning Systems / Motor Tracking Systems
Biometric Logging Systems
Motion Sensors
Anti-Theft Systems
Database solutions
Data Security
Data Recovery
Data Backup Systems
Forensic Data Audit
Forensic Data Audit
Repair and Maintenance (Computers / Laptops / Printers / Scanners etc.)
Systems Training (Accounting / HRM / CRM / ERP)
Systems Support / Audit (Accounting / HRM / CRM / ERP)
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